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VFFS packing machine is used widely in various granule products, such as paddy seed, corn seed, wheat, grains, puffed foods, snacks, detergent powder, sugar, fertilizers, frozen food, and other granular products.


Automatic packing machine generally work 22 hours at least one day. It’s very important to maintain it.


First, the machine must be tested for a short time after on-site installation and commissioning.


Second, the joints and moving part should be regularly lubricated, and the wear and motion conditions should be checked. (for example, horizontal sealing guide shaft part. )


Third, regularly check the oil storage cup of the pneumatic triplet. For example, sewing machine oil or transformer oil to make sure that it can be sprayed into the compressed air in a mist.


Forth, regularly check the circuit for foreign things, and check the joint part for oxidation.


Fifth, please clean it with a wire brush in time if there is a foreign body on Horizontal or vertical sealing device.


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