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High speed automatic packaging machine

▼ Packing speed: 50-60 bags per minute
▼ Power: 0.8kw
▼ Accuracy: ±0.2%



1.Utilizing a fully enclosed system, it stops automatically.

2.Employing vacuum film pulling to prevent slipping.

3. Seal comes with a protective device to prevent scalding.

4.Rear-end film dispensing mechanism, electrically driven film dispensing, synchronized with the front film pulling, low noise.

5.Automatic film cutting, clean cut without damaging the packaging.

6.Enhanced usability and stability.


Seeds specification: 100g-5000g

Weighing accuracy:±1g

Packaging speed:30-60bags/min

Dimension for bag-making: length:100-420mm      Width:100-360mm

Max. Width of rolling film: 740mm

Pouch type: Pillow flat, back seal pouch

Maximum OD of film rolling:400mm

Inner diameter of film rolling paper core:75mm

Operation:  24 hours continuous working. Low temperature protection. PLC is from Germany. Servo motor is from France.


Servo motor is adopted for Horizontal sealing with smooth and reliable operation  

The new disc brake structure replaces traditional brake pad with better effect,stable film release. We have Independent intellectual property right for this structure. 

Low pressure detection function

Low temperature protection device




    ♦ What are the raw materials used?
    The main materials used in our packaging equipment are SUS304, SUS316, other parts that meet sanitary standards, as well as world-renowned electrical components. We can also make any custom design for you according to your needs. 

    ♦ How will my machine be installed once it arrives? How much does it cost?
    We’ll dispatch an engineer to your facility to assess the situation, install the machine and train your staff on how to operate it. The customer pays for round trip airfare, accommodation and USD100/day/person.
    OR installation video is for your reference.

    ♦ How long does the installation take?
    Depending on your machine order, it takes about 5 to 10 days. 

    ♦ Can I come to China for factory inspection?
    Of course, you can come in person or hire a third-party organization to inspect our factory.

    ♦ How long does it usually take for me to receive the equipment?
    30days is ok.

    ♦ What about the details of the packaging?
    To ensure the integrity and safety of product packaging, main products are packed in plastic film or export plywood boxes, and auxiliary products are packed in thick cartons.

    ♦ Are you a manufacturing or a trading company?
    We are a factory, and we offer factory direct prices with excellent quality and worry-free service. Please come and see us here!

    ♦ Do you offer turnkey projects?
    Turnkey projects are available. We will help you update production line.

    ♦ Any benefits for automatic packaging machine from China?
    In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be manufacturers of automatic packaging machine in India, Vietnam and Malaysia, but Borch can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs and our quality, service far exceeds your expectations.

    ♦ Do you provide customized service?
    We can design the machine according to your requirements (material, power, filling, type bag, etc.). We will also provide you with expert guidance at the same time, based on our many years of experience in the industry.

    ♦ What is your guarantee or warranty if we buy your machine?
    We offer you one year warranty on our high-quality machines and lifetime technical support.

    ♦ What are your payment terms?
    We offer EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF delivery terms.

    ♦ How do i test the machine before shipment?
    We will test machine and send test video, or video call to show.

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