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50kg sugar packaging machine

▼ Weighing range: 20-5000g
▼ Packing speed: 8-15 bags/min
▼ Professional after-sale team


1. It’s integrated with pouch-making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing, counting.

2. Pouch-making with various dimension.

3. Servo motor is adopted for film with auto adjustment.

4. PLC is from international brand.

5. Auger filling, linear weigher, multi- head weigher can be checked as per material. 

Actually, a sugar sachet packing machine is a granule packaging machine. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications than that sugar. For example, this small sugar bagging machine is also suitable for packing seeds, grains, nuts, tea, rice, coffee, hardware, snacks, biscuit, candy, pills, etc.

Sugar Packing Machine Working Flow:
The packing film is loosened up from the film roll situated at the back part of the machine. Next, the packing film is sustained through an arrangement of nip rollers. From the nip rollers, the packing film goes into the cutting area. Amid this progression simultaneously, the film form into bag. Then sugar is put into the bag, and finally sealed and cut off. Packing is finished.


Filling method: One time/one bag filling

Raw material of bag: M gusset woven bag(double-coated)

                                  Flat woven bag(double-coated)

                                  Handheld PE bag

Weighing range: 10kg-50kg

Packing speed: 8-15 bags per minute

Seal type: sewing machine

Feature of filling material:  small granule(sugar,seeds,grains, chemical,animal feed)



Servo motor is adopted for Horizontal sealing with smooth and reliable operation  


The new disc brake structure replaces traditional brake pad with better effect,stable film release. We have Independent intellectual property right for this structure. 

Low pressure detection function

Low temperature protection device




    Project management

    BORCH will arrange a special project manager who will provide one to one service for all details of your expected machines. Not just collecting abundant information about your packaging solution, but also provide non-stop service to meet your requirement and schedule, to assure the project goes smoothly as your expecting. 

    project manager will provide below service:

    Draw up initiate project with necessary information

    In time and continuous follow up and evaluate project specification to adjust the project schedule

    Provide practical support and service

    Prepare and organize all necessary related documentation for this project.

    Installation and Training

    BORCH expert with 15+ years experience will help you with machines installation step by step. Upon installation of you machines or line, the expert stay in your factory to monitor your new equipment run smoothly and train your technicians. After our expert leaving, BORCH will provide 24/7 prompt and courteous service for your demand.

    Planned maintenance | After sales technical support

    BORCH will provide continuous after sales support to every customer. Also a solid warranty on each machine we sold, workmanship, performance, and solution response time. BORCH service departments prepare thousands of various components stocking, ready for any urgent demand from customer, to assure the fast and efficient fulfillment of all parts orders, which will effectively minimize downtime and productivity loss of customer’s factory.

    BORCH service expert are all qualified with 15-20+ years experience to assure smooth installation. They also provide on-site training and onging support.

    After sales expert support will cover below:

    Installation video

    Installation of machines in customer’s factory

    Troubleshooting operation

    Solve electrical, mechanical and software problems

    Maintain and restore computerized machine history database.

    If one of your demand is to reduce downtime due to machine’s breakdowns, you would want to learn more about the BORCH VIP Guarantee.

    Tailor Made | Tailored Design Solutions

    Customer grows with company expansion, and production line extension as well. BORCHprovides optimizing solution with tailored design machinery project to maximize customer’s benefit. Tailor made service covers our whole products range for various projects, with building and customizing automated packaging systems. Our veteran engineers team will provide evaluation to your products, packaging requirement, and production demands, accordingly design customized equipment for your special needs.

    BORCH customized in

    Tailored design for equipment

    Production processes

    Modification and configuration of equipment.

    BORCH lead customer in every size and step to a target business.

    We are dedicated to customer’s success. Most of our customers return for more machines as their company grows fast and succeeds.

    Turnkey Solution

    BORCH provides turnkey for complete packaging line. All equipment are connected with mechanical structure, electric wires, weigher, packaging machine as per planning drawing layout. Our veteran technicians will assure all machinery’s performance, design, and engineering to be a perfect condition for customer.

    BORCH manufacture and setup turnkey project solution in workshop of customer, also provide training course for operation, maintenance, documentation, and other fundamental and necessary support for all integrated turnkey solution packaging line equipment.

    Any further requirement regarding turnkey solution packaging line equipment, please give us a call or an email.

    Phone: +86 18155182967 | Email:

    BORCH expert provides the following services:

    Installation of machines at the factory of customer.

    Trouble shooting for machines’ issues.

    Document all scheduled operation as per proper documentation policy.

    Provide on-site training course for all necessary procedures.

    Pre-sales Consultation

    We can make any custom design for you according to your needs.


    BORCH manufacture all equipment in our own facilities, which is ECO environment buildings and certified with ISO. BORCH highly concerns environment protection in all working areas by decreasing waste in all production processes.

    It takes only two hours driving to the near major shipping seaport, which provide the most economic shipping rate and fast transportation to most countries all over the world.

    Our facility is composed of the following:

    Veteran and skillful professionals and technicians

    On-site Engineering support

    Materials requirement planning (MRP)

    Production Engineering

    Manufacturing and assembly

    Components and machines testing

    Hi-tech accurate machining centers

    BORCH provide OEM and ODM machines and service tailor designed as per your different needs and goals, which most competitive prices. From individual machines, to turnkey solution service. From idea to real machine, you can expect your quality machines and services which would help to break the limitation of your business.

    As a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment in China. To keep up with most advanced industry technology and trends, we keep attending all sorts of training and and activities.

    Customer Service

    We guarantee to provide satisfied equipment and service for our every customer. We also understand that you may encounter an problem and require assistance. A friendly and courteous customer service expert will ready for a prompt solution. You may contact us at following phone number and email:

    Phone: +86 18155182967


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